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At SOLIUM AI, we revolutionize blockchain connectivity. Specializing in trending all tokens across every chain, we redefine the decentralized landscape. Explore the infinite potential of blockchain technology with us – your gateway to a borderless, tokenized future.

Solium AI Bots

Introducing Solium AI Bots

Your Dynamic Partners in Navigating the Crypto Space. Our diverse range of bots, meticulously designed for efficiency and precision, centers around the primary mission of listing and trending crypto projects on major platforms. From trend analysis to real-time market insights, Solium AI Bots empower you with the tools needed to stay ahead in the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Elevate your strategy, amplify your presence – with Solium AI Bots, seize the opportunities in the crypto landscape effortlessly.”

Revenue Share

SOLIUM AI token holders will be eligible for 100% profit share from our Trending Services on SOLIUM AI.
Each Crypto.com, CoinGecko, etc. trending service that is purchased through the SOLIUM AI platform will be accumulated and distributed to the SOLIUMAI holders.
As we continue to add more services to SOLIUM AI, the RevenueShare program will grow along with it. Profits will be accumulated in real-time to be distributed at set dates in the future, where loyal holders will reap the largest benefit.
More use may come to the SOLIUM AI token in the future but is indeterminant at this point in time. Join our social channels and watch our Telegram group for any further developments of the SOLIUM AI token!

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